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Motorcycle Stereo Systems
 with High Quality At a low Price!
High Quality Motorcycle Stereo Systems at a affordable Price!
100 Watt Motorcycle Fm Radio with USB port for MP3 and SD Card and wireless full function remote with 2 Waterproof Motorcycle Speakers.
 This is a complete motorcycle Stereo  system with a Fm radio that connects
 to any motorcycle in the world via the battery.
 Packed with a powerful 100 Watts of pure undistorted power JUST INSERT YOUR SD CARD AND BLAST OFF. You can also connect any mp3 player, Sirius tuner, cd player to the amplifier and listen that way or simply enjoy standard FM radio (antenna is built in)

It can also be used just as perfectly on ATV's, all water sports Vehicles, scooters, golf carts and the like.
Whats included

powerful 100 watt amplifier with a built in FM tuner (antenna built in)
pair  of motorcycle speakers
full featured wireless remote
all wires and brackets needed for the install.
Extras on this system include a wireless remote, a SD slot and a USB input into the FM amp.

These speakers are 100% waterproof. You can dump it in a pot of water and it will still work. 

Try that with your current speakers.

"The hottest system online just got alot hotter."

The speakers come in either the Bullet or Oval Style speakers
 (in either black or chrome).

 Working Voltage 10-16V DC
MAX power @ 4 50WX2
 Wireless Remote
 SD slot, usb device on the amp
 RMS power @ 4 25WX2
 THD <0.1% S/N >75dB
 Channel separation >45dB
 Frequency response 20Hz-50kHz
 Sensitivity 50mv 
Frequency range 87.5--108MHz
Dot Matrix LCD FM frequency display
Usable sensitivity 5 v at S/N 26dB
Fuse rating 5A
USB Port: support USB 2.0
SD slot: support 128MB,256MB,512MB,1GB,2GB/4GB
Specifications of the 100 watt amplifier & radio receiver
These Water Proof Motorcycle Speakers now include a 100 Watt low Voltage High Power Pro. Amplifier, and a tiny remote Kill Switch / Volume controller with extra aux input Jacks!! This is one of the best motorcycle amplifiers out there. This Amp is guaranteed to BLAST the speakers to the max! This tiny amplifier measures only 3.75" x 3.5" x 1.75 Our Water Proof Motorcycle Speakers measure are 3 1/2" X 3" x 3.5

Working Voltage 10-16V DC
VoiceCoil Impedance: 4
Resonc Frequency: 165HZ
Effective Frequency Range: Fo-12kHZ
Details for the Motorcycle Speakers
Puiput Sound Pressure Level: 88dB
Rated Input Power: 15W
Max Input Power: 50W
Distortion: <= 5%
one year warranty
Now you can hook up an additional audio device!

 The filter, volume control and green power indicator light are all up front. The backside of the amp provides the output with standard RCA Jacks. The power switch and 12 Volt power input are located on the backside as well. Power wire and audio wires are included!!
We offer LOW prices on chrome handle bar mounting brackets for your speakers with free shipping when you order a motorcycle stereo system from our site,
Check out our accessories page for more details !
Color and speakers
Bracket size