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Motorcycle Stereo Systems
 with High Quality At a low Price!
High Quality Motorcycle Stereo Systems at a affordable Price!
Oval Motorcycle Speakers
Clear, Loud, and Affordable!
Oval Motorcycle Speakers
These motorcycle speakers that will give you years of
listening music pleasure without breaking your wallet.
These speakers are 100% waterproof you can stick them
 in a bucket of water and they keep on ticking.

You have my full guarantee on that.
Oval Motorcycle Speakers
With 250 Watt  of tunes blasting at full bore from my stereo system 
I still get crisp, clear music even at 70 miles an hour
​ with a full face helment on !
These Oval motorcycle speakers come in chrome or black and come provided
with mounting brackets, some
installations to some bikes with a windshield don't need any additional brackets, like the installation on this Indian .
Includes shipping and handling to your front door!
These are extra motorcycle speakers, sold in pairs for most of our motorcycle systems.
They is 100% waterproof.
Speaker Dimensions
  • Speakers are 3" round in diameter
  • Outer measuremenys are :
  • 5" Wide X  4" High X 3 1/4" front to back
Available  in Chrome or Black.

RCA Connectors to plug into your audio system.
 We offer LOW prices on chrome handle bar mounting brackets for your speakers with free shipping when you order a stereo system from our site.

Check out our accessories page for more details !
You'll be Cruising with Tunes before you know it!

Not sure of your handlebar sizeClick Here

Chrome or Black / with or without handlebar brackets