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XM Dock & Play Second Vehicle Kit (Reconditioned)
Model #: BXADV2

Everything you need to use your compatible SiriusXM Dock & Play Radio in a second vehicle, no additional subscription needed. Installation is easy with SiriusXM PowerConnect™ and the Color-Coded Vehicle Dock – you’ll be up and running in a flash.
Satellite Radio Second Vehicle Mounting Kit
•Add Satellite Radio to a second vehicle: No need for a second subscription; just install this Kit in another vehicle - your motorcycle, a your ATV, an RV, or even a boat - and then simply move your compatible XM Dock & Play Radio between the two.
•Easy to install: Revolutionary SiriusXM PowerConnect™ FM Transmitter works through your vehicle's radio* with easy Do-It-Yourself installation. The Color-Coded Vehicle Dock makes it simple to connect.

*FM radio required, or use the included Aux In Cable if your vehicle has Aux In capability. Will also work with cassette adapter (sold separately).
Sirius XM Radio Mount Front view of Srius XM Mount

What's Included:

•PowerConnect Vehicle Dock
•Magnetic Mount Antenna
•Window and Dash Mounts
•PowerConnect Power Adapter
•Aux In Cable
•Quick Start Guide
•User Guide

Compatible with the XM OnyX, Xpress RCi, Xpress RC, Xpress R, and Xpress EZ Dock & Play Radios.
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Satelitte Radio Accessories
Satelitte Radio Handlebar mounting Bracket
This universal Satellite mounts onto your handlebars with a optional handlebar brackets to mount your Satilitte Docking Station to your motorcycle.

Note: The docking station and antenna
are sold seperately​​​​ shown as an example only!

Starting at $53.55

Below are some of our Universal Mounting brackets to mount your Docking Station to your motorcycle to make your Satellite look like a proffesional install